Thee Dagger Debs are…


Our Deputy Dagger Debs Tub-Thumper whilst Paula is off on her travels is the wonderful Delia! Part of the country’s underground garage scene for a couple of decades, our Delia’s multi-instrumentalist skills are serving her well with us, as well as with all-girl Monks tribute band Ye Nuns. Red Wine and coca-cola does the trick.

Paula profile imagePaula (On Hols)

Our tub-thumper is none other than Way Out Radio host Paula! She started playing drums when she was a mere 8 years old, and having been pounding the skins in several punk bands from the age of 13, our Paula remains busy as ever writing for music magazines and spinning records across the world. Rum ‘n’ coke (and some weird blue energy drink that she discovered while in Spain).

LettyLetty profile image

Our Letty treats her thumpin’ bassline like she does her marathons- relentless pace and a lot of sweat. You may recognise her from all manner of musical exploits within the Hastings area as well as her DJing pseudonym Mz Siren. She currently organises events as part of Sheilas Take a bow. The mushy pea enthusiast couldn’t ‘alf murder a pint of Guinness.

 Laura profile imageLaura

Having been in all manner of musical outfits from the age of 14, our screamin’, Epiphone SG-slingin’ frontwoman is happiest either on stage or propping up the bar. Also a DJ, she regularly spins her rekkids both in London and the rest of  Europe. Lager top.

Thee Dagger Debs promise to save you from the dull times, and will be coming to a town near you!

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