Next stop- Lewes!


Finally… a 2021 gig ANNOUNCED!

Start organising your outfits; a proper Halloween party is booked at the mighty Lexington, just round the corner from Kings Cross in London.bosh

Tickets can be bought from EventBrite. Further information can be found on our Facebook event.

Thee Dagger Debs choose tunes for Fred Perry

We were asked to come up with a bangin’ playlist for the Fred Perry Spotify- the interview that accompanies it can be found here! Enjoy!

THEE DAGGER DEBS on El Sótano (RTVE/Radio3)

Thee Dagger Debs have been played on Spain’s Radio3 Rock’n’ Roll show,  El Sótano, as part of a Damaged Goods 30 year anniversary special. You can listen to Johnny Moped, Billy Childish and The Singing Loins, Graham Day and The Gaolers, The Buff Medways, Thee Spivs, Pete Molinari, Holly Golightly, The Cute Lepers,  Cyanide Pills, and lots of other good stuff courtesy of the remarkable work done by Damaged Goods Records over the past 30 years. Punk Rock ist nicht tot!

Now on Spotify!

Commuters, rejoice! Add us to playlists, follow our profile and save the album.
Thee Dagger Debs are on Spotify.

BISH! BASH! BOSH! fanzine is ‘ere!

We are chuffed to announce the publication of Thee Dagger Debs official fanzine, BISH! BASH! BOSH!. This is a free (at least, at the moment) 16 pages, black and white, photocopied music fanzine, like they’ve always been. Paper copies can be acquired for free with any purchase at our gigs. To read the online version, click on the front cover below. 

BISH-BASH-BOSH-MAGAZINE-COV  Page 1. Issue 2  Page 1

Thee Dagger Debs are a power trio brought together by their love of 60s garage and British R’n’B, pub rock, glam and proto-punk. And beer.

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